Archives for June 22, 2002


The good news: our house has sold! Yee hah! Did we get our asking price? No. Did we walk away clean? No. Do we get to write a (relatively) small check and be done with it? Yes. So, we enjoyed the house, took a financial bath and learned an important lesson. Ask nicely and I’ll tell you what that lesson was.
On the other hand, we spent 7 hours today in the company of a fine real estate couple looking at potential new homes. The main problem, as I see it, is that my wife and I want entirely different things in a house. No doubt our realtors believe us to be schizophrenic, or at least terribly bipolar, with us taking turns being down and up on the same property. We saw a few nice and many really average homes today, nothing that jumps out and says ‘this is our house’. Yet.