Recommended reading

Sorry for the paucity of posting, but I’m busy reading (yes, a book). I am enjoying the wit and wisdom of P. J. O’Rourke’s CEO of the Sofa, a humorous look at, well, life. I have read all the other PJ books I could get, and he’s one of the few authors who make me laugh hysterically, out loud, to the irritation of my sleeping spouse.
I was once an avid reader, but stopped reading for pleasure during med school. I figure I equated reading with work (there is a bit of required reading during med school), and the internet became an interesting diversion just after my internship ended, so little reading. Oh, there are significant exceptions (Tom Clancy comes to mind, but not the OpCenter series, which has to be ghost written), but for the most part I have been a reluctant entertainment reader.

Anyway, that’s why.