my DSL Horror Story

Dr A L Roberts: have I told you about my DSL horror story?
Dr R Winters: nope
Dr A L Roberts: How there was DSL installed here, in this home, before I bought it, and we filled out the forms for me to “assume” the service
Dr R Winters: right
Dr R Winters: they wouldnt allow it
Dr A L Roberts: but we both screwed up and I didn’t “assume” the phone number
Dr A L Roberts: so the DSL got stopped.
Dr R Winters: damn
Dr R Winters: why can’t you get dsl now?
Dr A L Roberts: Then, suddenly, I live too far from the CO, and cannot get a new account, and the Phone Company (pc) won’t let me have the old number for at least 60 days
Dr R Winters: are you still going to try to get it
Dr A L Roberts: because the number is for a person, not a house, even though the prior owner, a really nice guy,
Dr A L Roberts: was telling them to give it to me and he didn’t want it back
Dr A L Roberts: , etc.
Dr A L Roberts: No. I have a chick with the pc (business accounts) trying to get me DSL, but, as I live 22K feet from the CO (cutoff=14Kft)
Dr A L Roberts: nobody really wants to talk to me.
Dr A L Roberts: Despite the fact that DSL was HERE, AND WORKED.
Dr A L Roberts: Pisses me off.
Dr R Winters: >:o
Dr A L Roberts: Me too.



    Un-freakin-believable. You have my condolences, Doc.