Archives for December 3, 2002

Electrical Revenge

Ever see sparks fly out of a breaker? It’s really neat, and would be enjoyable entertainment if it wasn’t attached to your own house. The electrician arrived today to expel the electrical demons (see prior post), and while he had the cover off, the main, 200 amp panel breaker acted up, and reproduced the symptoms that caused the call. Viola! A diagnosis!

Interestingly, the cure is a new panel, and not just a breaker swap, due to the damage to the busbar. Tomorrow, we’re to be without power for 6 – 8 hours while a new panel is installed. And thank heavens for the home warranty! $45.00 is cheap for this repair.

Update: yesterday, the panel swap was performed, and since then the electricity, which I always take for granted, has worked great. It was punishingly cold, but it took only about 5 hours. The inside of the panel looks great; the electrician was a pro, and was thorough and complete without wasting time. The outside of the panel doesn’t line up very well, and I’m going to tinker with it.