Archives for December 30, 2002

A New Look for the GruntDoc

After griping about Blogger for about 3 months, I finally took the plunge, and have moved up in the world. Now will be posted using MovableType , which promises to be a more robust, and more reliable, publisher of my thoughts and drivel.

There’s a learning curve with everything new, and if the pictures don’t do what they’re supposed to, give me some time (and tell me about it). MT makes that a little easier, as comments should be back, now integrated into the program instead of being an add-on. I haven’t tried it.

The one thing I will miss is a spellchecker, which for me works like a typo checker. I can spell very well, but cannot type without watching my hands, and that leads to typos that the Blogger spellchecker would catch for me.

Should be fun.