Company Party

When in the service, I would frequently attend “Officer’s Calls”, which we called ‘Forced Fun’. The boss wants all his officers to show up and act like a big happy family, so we did. It didn’t take long, we usually always grouped into the same groups who worked together, and so it was not something we would have done on our own, but was not really punishment, either.

I thought of this the other day while at the Company Christmas Party, with my wife. We had a good time, ate some completely unrecognizable food (red gels over all the lights make all the food unrecognizable; odd how much taste is visual), and grouped off with people we knew and were happy with. The Trey and Kay dance floor show was worth the trip itself (thanks, guys!). There was one of those IF IT’S LOUD IT MUST BE GOOD bands playing music absolutely nobody in our room full of mid 30’s plus people could relate to, and then we went home. We had a better time than it sounds like, and as an expression of appreciation to their Independent Contractors it was really nice.

Looking forward to next years’ company fun!


  1. Ok, I’m leaving my wife for a … 17-year-old boy trasvestite !

  2. well, thanks for letting us know!