Dr. Bob Arnot in Combat

It’s 0100 Central time and I’m listening, live, to Dr. Bob Arnot on MSNBC reporting from a trench in Iraq, and they’re under fire. Dr. Arnot is an embedded reporter with 1/4, a USMC Infantry Battalion. They’re in Al Kut, trying to secure a bridge while fighting the Republican Guard, so they’re pretty busy. While describing the scene for the TV viewers (without video) he just called in Arabic for civilians fleeing the town to get into his trench for safety. In case you missed it he called in Arabic, and they responded, then a USMC Colonel came to make sure they (the civilians) were OK. (They were).

Dr. Bob Arnot is now OK in my book.


  1. Barbara says:

    It is my humble opinion that these same self-agrandizing actions of Bob Arnot are what put Col. Dowdy’s (relieved 1/4 Commander) job in jeopardy. If Col. Dowdy routinely allowed this reporter to put his marines at risk, then he wasn’t up to the job and deserved to be relieved.
    That said…it is too bad that this new wartime wrinkle, embedded reporters, had more effect on his career than did his battle foes.
    Arnot sounded like a pompous ass and probably is. And, I’m sure a new book will describe his brave, yet sensitive, down-to-earth, yet ultra-intelligent battlefield exploits. I think that I’ll pass.

  2. Harry Stafford says:

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