War on Terror My Butt

Air marshals pulled from key flights
In case anyone wants my opinion, President GWBush should be insanely glad he has a couple of wars going on, because virtually every other aspect of The War On Terror is a bust.

Fire Norm Mineta. Today. The same agency that oversees hiring Air Marshalls grounded at least 100 because their background investigations weren’t up to snuff. This, after bureaucratic obstructionism has killed arming pilots, a popular and reasonable action to protect the flying public from terrorists.

Now comes word that the key target flights (overseas and transcontinental) won’t have Air Marshals as a cost-cutting move (overnight stays killing the budget and all). This is, pardon the crude language, crap.

At least one part of the War on Terror has to go right, and the answer is clear: can Mineta. Today.