As I age, I become my Dad

And that’s a good thing.

What brought this to mind? The other day I picked my youngest up from school. There’s some construction going on there, I parked near it.

I found a screw at the edge of the road. I know how my karma works, and if I don’t pick this one up its distant cousin is in my tire within the week. So, I pick it up and put it into my pocket. No big deal, everyone does that.

I pull into the garage, walk over to my hardware assortment, and put it immediately into my countersunk, coarse thread bin. And realize what I’ve just done.

For a second there, I became my dad. It made me happy for the rest of the day.


  1. Good post. Even better if you get some use from the screw.
    You may already know this but Prof. Reynolds linked to you today. Get ready for some big traffic.

  2. That’s awesome. My dad was just in town this past weekend and for us, it’s not that way. My dad has just those same bins. My garage, however, is desperately waiting for cooler weather so I’ll get out there and sort through the piles that are begging for a garage sale. In fact,the first thing he said to me when the kids and I went out to meet him was, “Nice garage.”

  3. Peter The PJ says:

    I feel for you. Last week I was walking alone down Michigan Ave here in Chicago and saw a reflection in the window. My first thought was “when did my Dad get so fat?”. My second thought I think I’ll keep to myself.