Gadgets I want

Add a power washer to that list. I rented one today to get our porch ready to re-paint (and an awful lot of the old paint came off), and it was terrific. The porch is ready to paint! (Write me for directions, and I’ll supply the rollers).

I also used it to clean the pebble-finished front porch, and to remove some (concrete drool? the stuff that inevitably winds up on the old surfaces from the new concrete project). It worked well for that, too.

I couldn’t start it for about 10 minutes, then I found the ‘on’ switch. Doh! Then it started on the first pull. Heh. A good time was had, and it’s a lot of fun.


  1. susiethehouseholdeng says:

    Uh, did you WAIT for the porch to DRY OUT after forcing H20 into it? hope so.