Why I won’t be taking any more ACEP surveys

My professional organizational body, the American Society for Emergency Medicine (ACEP), periodically wants member opinion on a variety of topics. Today I got an email (as did all other members with email addresses) asking us to take a survey for presentation at our upcoming national meeting.

So, I went to take the survey, which was 3 or 4 pages of ‘select the answer’, and an occasional ‘explain other’ section. Then time to submit the survey:
Wrong Answer
I pushed the continue button, back to the last page of the survey. Submit. Cannot Change Answers, Continue. Continue. Last page: Submit. After doing that like an idiot for about 5 round trips, I gave up.

Now, were I more paranoid, I’d suspect that my answers did’t quite line up with their desired answers, so it’s rejected. I didn’t change my answers, by the way.

And, they won’t be counted, either. If only I lived within the 9th Circuits’ area, I could get the whole thing stopped. Hehe.