West Nile Graphics

West Nile Virus Maps, 2003
West Nile Virus
Why does the US Geological Survey have the best maps for West Nile virus? It’s a USGS processing of official CDC data, and it’s very usable. Just click on your state for a county by county breakdown. I like this kind of data because it’s very accessible to any reader.

I have no idea why some states aren’t supplying data to the CDC. Can someone enlighten me? The other thing that comes screaming through is that Colorado is West Nile central.

Update: Californias’ not providing data to the CDC is all the more curious: CDC: Calif. next year’s likely West Nile epicenter


  1. I live in North Carolina, and I really wish I knew why they are not collecting data for our state. Normally we are fairly good about these things. I really would like to know the information because I know of several cases in my area, which is mostly rual, one of which is my brother.
    If you find out why there is no data please post!

  2. John Schedler says:

    Well, I can answer for Washington. This state has only recently recorded its first case. There was quite a bit of press on it.

  3. i live in colorado, and it was VERY SCARY here this summer. i know of a 55 yr old lady who got it a month ago-was in icu for a week,and still cannot walk; she is undergoing pt in her home 3 x’s a week! we moved here from n.y. 8 yrs ago-there the great worry was lyme disease. jeez,we LOVE co. but this is very worrisome-we didnt go on our deck to watch the gorgeous sunsets at all this summer!