Do not adjust your set

I have been bored with the old style for a while. Thanks to Movable Style I have a new one. And, stylesheets rock; even I can cut and paste my way to a new look!

I like it, but again, my taste is suspect. What do you think?


  1. A little too…gray. ;-)

    How about a little color in your interface to match your usually colorful prose?

  2. flighterdoc says:

    I agree, gray-gray-gray is boring.

    Really enjoy your webblog, by the way.


  3. Old eyes have a tough time reading gray type. Black on white is what we’re used to, and you’ll lose readers who are in a hurry. Narrow your measure (column width) a bit to improve readability. Type size is good.

    Have fun.

  4. Needs color. Somewhere, anywhere.

    Otherwise, I like the layout. I like the entries better when they’re on the right, too.

    Good site, Movable Style!! :-)

  5. I like it. Spartan. Clean.

  6. I like the layout but I agree with Don – the gray is harder to see. At least it’s not the tiny font size that some folks use. A touch of color would be good.