MT systems can be used by spammers

Spammers are clever. They have figured out how to use a feature of MovableType to send spam from your server, looking like it came from you! Imagine the glee of MT users.

Fortunately, there are solutions, but they require a positive action, which can be found below: : Support Forum. There’s also a new version of the offending file, with better security.

My chosen answer, the easiest, is just to delete the offending file that allows this to work. Your mileage may vary, but do something to keep from being used by spammers.


  1. Off topic: Happy Thanksgiving! Hope yours is free of SPAM (in every possible way!).

  2. Off topic here too: You are worse than a woman about changing your blog around. HEHE!!! That’s ok though. Your female readers understand. Change that puppy til you are satisified. ;)

    Oh, Happy Thanksgiving from my blog to yours.

  3. This setup is very interesting and unique!! :-)
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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