Home made ricin?

CNN.com – Two women in plot to poison one’s husband – Jan. 9, 2004

So, allegedly these two geniuses decided to poison the husband of one of them. So far, pretty boring stuff.

The part that jumps out at me is that they made ricin, a very powerful biologic weapon, from a recipe they got on the internet.

That’s not good news, because on reading the rest of the article it’s pretty clear that these two have not cornered the market on intelligence or cunning. If people this stupid can make ricin, anyone can.

Sleep tight!


  1. I recently gave a talk to our tactical paramedics (SWAT team paramedics) on “terrorism tools and tactics.” As part of my research I did a brief web search and learned how to make nitroglycerin, TNT, Ammonal, Ammonium Tri-iodide, and Ricin in less than 15 minutes. Ricin is made by crushing castor beans and performing some basic serial extractions (remember O-chem?). Luckily it’s not very usefull to create lots of casualties.