Fleet Hospital 3 from the air

FH3 from the air FH3 from the air FH3 from the air
More in a series. A brief comment: the actual Hospital is the series of interconnected TemperTents (sp), beige. Then look at the number of regular GP tents needed to house the talent to run the hospital. Amazing.


  1. That is awesome how they have made a fence of sand around the perimeter. I wonder how high it is?

  2. From some of the shots, about the hght of one of those big shipping containers, so about 8 feet.

  3. Things must be getting safer over there if they don’t feel it necessary to set up sandbag wallls around the buildings.

  4. These were during the initial ground campaign; they’re home now.

  5. I have the same complaint about the Navy as I do for the Army and Marines.

    They use temper tents for the hospital but stick their people in GPs.

    I think it is penny wise and pound foolish to not take care of the people who will be taking care of our G.I.s

    Have you ever tried to sleep when the ambient temp. is 110 – 120?? It’s not fun, you don’t sleep well and you sweat your weight in perspiration. Not to mention malaria and other insect borne diseases in those parts of the world where that?s a danger.

    The USAF went to temper tents in the late ?80s ferchristsake!! It not like the tents (air-conditioned and heated with separate special shower tents and latrines) are cutting edge technology. They?ve been proven in Desert Storm and Somalia.

    Our seamen, soldiers and Marines deserve better than GPs.

  6. I think my husband had said the dunes were 15ft high.

    Clarification: In some spots the dunes were 15-20ft but the average height was 8ft.