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vandalism of a formerly great sports team Vandalism has hit us today. My wife is a fan of a formerly-great football team which has fallen on hard times. She has had a Broncos sticker on her car for a few months, and except for random gunfire from Cowboys fans, it’s never been an issue. Until today.

Somebody apparently took a Sharpie and defamed her sports team. She’s been running errands most of the day in my car, so she hasn’t seen it yet. She’s going to be very very angry when she finds this out!

Update: this was, of course, an April Fool’s joke. She says she wasn’t taken in by my pathetic attempt at photoshopping the logo. She’s a good sport, though!

Helpful Hints

no sequins for me
When you get new leather gloves, turn them inside out, then use them as you usually would. This gets the seams off your skin, and puts the nice, soft leather surface against your hands. Fewer blisters this way, and the gloves definitely feel better on the hand.

I learned this trick from professional forest firefighters, and I now apply it to all my new gloves. (Except the gloves I use at work: no seams).

I’ll tell you why I need new gloves later!