Jet-powered wheelchair surprise

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Lincolnshire | Jet-powered wheelchair surprise

Giuseppe Cannella had a big surprise for his mother-in-law when he put a jet engine on the back of her wheelchair.

Mr Cannella says the chair can now do top speeds of more than 60mph and has proved the star of a model plane championship during the Bank Holiday.

Not wearing a helmet in the picture. He’ll be needing his own wheelchair soon.


  1. But if it’s the mother-in-law’s chair (and presuming his mother-in-law is like most), why not have her in it, helmet or not?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Now I guess we have to be on the lookout for speeding wheelchairs coming at us…Zooming down main street on her wheelchair….lol

  3. Brits…something already not right about them. I ‘just like going up and down in it’ (????) Maybe he and mother can go to the home together once he crushes his melon during a demo.


  4. Was the 60 mph done on land or in a lab? My son would love one of these, but I won’t let him. Nice thinking. Can you see all of our seniors in power chairs? Better parking spaces, and uses less gas.