MT Upgrade

Valued reader,

I have upgraded MovableType to the 3.11 version, today. I have already found two things that are ‘busted’, the TypeKey registration for comments (optional, for now) and the comment background. I’ll be tinkering with that in the near future.

If you find other broken things, PLEASE let me know.

And thanks for coming.

Update: TypeKey problem fixed (reading the directions helps). Now to teach myself CSS and troubleshoot new templates…

Update2: I (think) I’ve fixed the comment appearance. It still does one weird thing, but I can live with it. I hope you can, too.


  1. Please let me know if you need help. I have built our blog myself, and know thing or two about CSS, MT, etc. Plus I have a support group of my brother and his buddies that can help with specific problems.

  2. Thanks, Dr.O, I may take you up on that! (If I cannot fix it myself).

  3. Ya know, MT is making some good “modernization” strides with dynamic pages, etc, but its a “day late, dollar short” for me.

    I moved over to ExpressionEngine and its been wonderful. ranted it has its quirks too, but all in all its much better designed. Not to mention the crap the Trott’s pulled with thier licensing.