Texas “Party of Medicine” Wins Big!

I know we’re all glad the election season is behind us, and I’d like to wrap up the only election slate I endorsed earlier, that advanced by TexPac.org, the special interest group that looks out for docs and their patients (generally, at the expense of the trial bar).

I just perused the results on the Texas Secretary of States’ site (annoying, still refreshed every 2 minutes, whether you want it to or not). The Party of Medicine won very, very big! In the federal races, excepting Congressional District 19, the slate won across the board. Swept the field.

All the State Supreme Court candidates won (though two ran unopposed, and the one who was defeated was a touch unhinged, to be generous). All the Court of Appeals slate won (except they endorsed a 14th Court race not shown on the Sec of States’ site, and the Chief Justice for the 10th Court of appeals didn’t show up there, etiher).

The court races cannot be emphasized enough, these are huge wins, admittedly mostly for incumbents. Texas Appellate courts used to be where medmal plaintiffs went to win, and it’s where Organized Medicine has put some effort to support friendly candidates.

I have to wonder, though. Virtually all of those endorsed on this slate were incumbents. Is this just a cynical list to “get on the good side” of the re-elected incumbents, who historically do very well at the polls? I don’t know, but I’m pleased at the results.