Well, I’ve gotten through Halo2 a couple of times (on easy, I’m not superman), and I have to say it’s visually better than the first, but the ending leaves something to be desired.

I’m also more than a little disappointed that their “Xbox live compatible” game will not play the campaign mode over Live, just the one-on-one and team games. Lame.

It’d make a good xmas gift for a kid who doesn’t already have one. Or a medblogger. Hehe.


  1. So far we have been playing Team Slayer and Slayer out here with the two XBoxes joined via the Network cable. I rarey actually play the campaigns on such games, preferring the “deathmatch” modes better.

    I like H2 more than H1 which is a good thing for a sequel. However, the menu and navigation system could use some work.

  2. Andrew Haskins says:

    I think that halo2 is the best game on xbox and I think that they should come out with HALO unleshed and that it would be the best one of them all and they should come out with a xbox 3 and that if they do I would get it and it would be the best thing ever.

  3. Halo2 must be one of the most visuially best games ever. The ending though was something to be desired. But, first person shooter wise it’s beautiful.