AAEM 11th Scientific Assembly, Day One

I’m at the AAEM Scientific Assembly, roughing it in La Jolla, CA! I’d link to the program, but it’s horrible .pdf files, and they’re not for the web.

We arrived late, after getting a lot of time to study the I-5 concrete parking lot. I like to fly into John Wayne Airport (SNA) to get to SoCal, as it’s a world better and cheaper than San Diego, and a lot more friendly then LAX. However, it usually means more driving. We, you ask? Yes, for the first time ever I’ve brought my wife to a meeting, and she’s enjoying the vacation, reading and relaxing.

This is my first AAEM meeting, and so far so good. I’m attending a ‘pre-conference conference’ on death and dying issues, required to keep California Licensure (unless you’re a pathologist or a radiologist, opening a whole can of slams). As for first impressions of AAEM, the lectures don’t seem quite as remedial as those of the two ACEP meetings I’ve been to, but time will tell (we’re not to the ‘real’ conference yet).

More to follow.


  1. I have one word: Ontario. But you have to be up on that end of the Basin.