AAEM Day 3

Nice to see old friends, one of the reasons to attend meetings.

Learned: Just get the CT, get the MRI if you think you need it (individual case problems guide, obviously).

Don’t write “Obese” on the chart, record height and weight, let the reviewer do the math. As the speaker said, “Your jury will be made up of non-tall, non-thin people, and they’re gonna hate you!”. Noted.

San Diego traffic is painfully dense, doubly so when it rains. We wanted to go visit my brother tonight, and in One Hour we’d moved less than two miles toward the Interstate. Cancelled, local dinner, back to the hotel.

Not much from today. Not that there’s nothing to get, just me.


  1. Yes, please, do record height and weight. Many insurances won’t pay for wheelchairs (let alone a bariatric bed or wheelchair) without that information and it would help me avoid a lot of phone calls to patients if the information were on the order from the hospital to the DME company I work for…
    and thank you in advance…