Chest Xrays in the ED

…and why we should wait until the patient is off the helo stretcher before getting one.

Look closely and you can see the mechanism for raining and lowering the head of the stretcher

Another in a series of helpful hints.


  1. When I was 16, I was hospitalized with HORRIBLE pain on my left side. They’d xrayed me … but they had to take it a second time …because when they’d taken the first one, I’d been hurting so bad, I’d not been laying flat and had put my fist under my back to support it and put pressure on where I was hurting.
    The radiologist came up to me and said “I have a diagnosis … you have a fist in your kidney”
    Then winked at me as he helped me back to the xray table.
    Thankfully, he made what was a horrifying experience .. a little less horrifying and broke the fear with some humor.

    By the way …just read some stuff on the side of your blog … I’m in Tulsa now …but I grew up in Mariposa ..and I lived with my dad for a year in Hanford right outside of Fresno.