EPMonthly Article, featuring Yours Truly!

Well, now. I’ve been made (temporarily) famous. According to a couple of the medical bloggers, I’m on the front page of one of the EM monthly newspapers! I gave an interview, as did symtym, snd now our 15 minute clock is ticking. The article is about EM bloggers, and how we got started, etc.

EmergencyPhysicians Monthly
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After the interview, I’ve had several nice emails with Dr. Mark Plaster, who runs EPMonthly, and with whom I have a lot in common (Texas natives, ER Docs, Navy time). He sees blogs, and the comments, as a great way to find out what’s happening in EM, and as a potential source of news articles for his publication. To that end, they’ve started a blog/bulletin board of their own at EPMonthly. I think this is a pretty neat idea, and wish them the bset of luck. (Contrary to the opening verbiage, I will NOT be moderating their blog, I have plenty to do here.

So, fame at last. As Steve Martin said in the movie, “Things are going to start happening to me now”!


  1. Once again, congrats. That Dr. Plaster is kinda cute, by the way!

  2. Please accept my apology for the verbiage. It has been corrected. Hopefully your 15 minutes will stretch a little bit longer.

    Mark Plaster

  3. Beary Potter says:

    I enjoyed the article and this aunt is certainly proud of you! Hurray for fame! :-)

  4. Too bad, I was looking forward to you moderating a forum. But congratulations on this publicity, it’s well-deserved!

  5. Congrats. I had to dig out that issue of EPM. I usually read “Night shift” and thumb through the rest. Good article. Way to go gunner.