Complete. Doofus.

That’s me. Today, I got up very very early (for me) and drove into downtown Fort Worth to attend a Trauma conference (warning:PDF file). I drove around and found a place to park, then walked around looking for the right door.

That’s when it struck me: I don’t see anyone else going in here. So, out comes the Palm, and a quick check of the schedule shows:

Wrong Day.

It’s tomorrow. There’s a real D’oh! moment.

So, I’ll go tomorrow. And enjoy the rest of today!


  1. AuntSusie says:

    You’ve just experienced a “Sometimers” moment. they’ll come closer together as the years progress. Welcome to adulthood!

  2. Yep! “Sometimers” runs in the family. Just smile and keep going. I do!

  3. Nurse Kelley says:

    Too bad you didn’t see one of our night nurses there, he did the same thing! It might have made you feel a little better.

  4. Always possible. I’d have bought him breakfast!