Funniest parody website, maybe ever.

It’s filled with amusing inside-the-blog-world insider jokes, and I love it.

You might too.


  1. This sophmoric cyber-doodle is not funny and it is not parody.

    Parody, done well, is actually high comedy; it requires clever,
    humorous derivations of actual characteristics of the subject.

    A caricature is parody; “The Ruttles” is a film parody; “Mad” magazine, “National Lampoon” and ” ” are examples of social parody – all these things serve a fine purpose by engaging an audience,through humor, to examine the points or messages of the subject , when some people otherwise may not have ever considered these themes.

    Look what Archie Bunker, the quintessential arm chair bigot/pundit did for racial issues by exposing the inherant ignorance that is the base of biggotry – it was funny so we watched – and we saw ourselves in an unflattering light – that
    is good parody.

    Referrencing ManCow Muller and Bill O’Rielly is not any of these things – it’s just mean.

    Somebody smarter than me asked , “when did American patriotism become synonymous with being mean spirited, selfish and short sighted?”

    Calling people names and belittleing them as “tin foil hat wearing dimwits” is not parody, it’s stupid.

    Nashville, TN

  2. GruntDoc says:

    Hehe. I suppose it’s which side of the isle is getting tweaked to some people.

  3. Well I laughed. But I’m easily amused.