Nurses Week Tribute: Grace under fire

Excellent article about Military Nurses in Iraq: NursingCenter.

WE SEND OUR American patients home?sometimes on their feet, sometimes in wheelchairs or on crutches or stretchers. Some of our patients are badly disfigured, and some have horrendous scars that can’t be seen. Others we send home in black body bags, after we lovingly wrap their bodies in woolen Army blankets.  But send them home we do. We’re nurses of the 31st Combat Support Hospital in Baghdad, Iraq, and soldiers pass through our hands by the hundreds.

Besides American soldiers and marines, we care for coalition troops, Iraqi and foreign dignitaries, and ordinary civilians, including children and babies. We also take care of Iraqi soldiers, whether friend or foe. They all need our caring and our compassion, so we push ourselves to do more than we’d ever have thought possible.

Being a caregiver in a combat zone takes a special set of skills, and a lot of compassion.  Thanks to all of you, from me.

Hat tip to reader Janelle for the link.


  1. Please ley us know if we can help with supplies,Blankets of Hope and or backpacks for the wounded.
    Thank you for your service and thank you for your bravery,
    With Respect and gratitude,

    Patti Bader
    Soldiers Angels


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