?Friendship Flag?

Tonight, amongst the ton or so of fireworks that were discharged in the neighborhood celebration, one stood out, and not for a really happy reason.  From the "Friendship Flag" canister came this little doozy, which has a parachute on one end and a weight on the other.


Check out the flag order here: Chinese Communist, Japanese, then US.  Yes, these fireworks are made in China, but they’re made for US export, and maybe I’m making too much of this, but it seems odd they chose to put the US flag at the bottom of the display.

Yeah, OK, it’s just a firework, but that’s not going to get them a lot of repeat business.


  1. Bad Shift says:

    Shouldn’t the Texas flag be on top? (Maybe you’re just paranoid because China has outpaced US GDP growth, is buying US oil companies, and controls the fate of the U.S. credit bubble!)

  2. HM3 Heidrich says:

    Good call GD.. I wouldnt but any more commie fireworks either ;) I watched the fireworks from base here.. first time in 3 years watching them in the United States..

  3. Looks like a declaration of war.

    Should we invade?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm perhaps we are looking at this in the wrong way …. usually when parachutes deploy they come down with the weighted end on the bottom …. now when this ‘friendship flag’ was coming down wouldn’t you see the US flag first????
    Just a ponder!