the underwear drawer and learning anesthesia

Ever wonder what new residents think while trying to learn to be anesthesiologists?  Wonder no more: the underwear drawer.

I am having a good time on the job, though. It is true, the analogies they make about conducting anesthesia and flying a plane. It’s the takeoffs and landings that are the really scary parts (corresponding of course to inducing the patient and waking them up at the end), but the difference is that at this point, the time in flight is scary for me too. I expect at some point, it becomes more of a "we have reached our cruising altitude, you are now free to move about the cabin" kind of feeling, but at this point, it’s more like, "HOLY F****** S***, I’M FLYING A PLANE!" But it’s really very fun and extremely exciting despite it all. In the words of that irrepressible carrot-topped scamp Annie Warbucks, "I think I’m gonna like it here." …

Hehe.  I’ll bet every doctor can identify, that period of "I can’t believe they’re letting ME do this…", but it’s a normal, necessary part of training.

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