ED floor



  1. Environmental services to T1, Environmental services to T1

  2. Good grief! You know…upon further reflection, it almost looks like one of those pieces of “art” that monkeys or elephants make.

  3. First impression: the floor of Cold Slab Creamery (an ice cream parlor) with wastage of the cherry and pineapple toppings.

  4. Sometimes, first impressions can be incorrect.

  5. Grunt Doc: Can you remember a time when the sight of blood seemed unusual or upsetting? (Not just a picture, not just on TV) I’m asking because I’m not sure I can remember.

    I can remember that one of the reasons I decided not to go into surgery was that I always got very hungry during abdominal surgery standing there holding a retractor and watching some person’s internal organs.

  6. Greg,
    when I was first doing EMT training, I vivdly recall leaning against a wall with cold sweat running down my back, watching the suturing of a wound about 2 inches long. And it wasn’t even bleeding much. As with all things, experience changed all that.

    I must say that surgery never had that peckish effect on me, it just made me bored and sleepy.