Galen’s Log: S.K.A.M. unveiled

Galen’s Log: S.K.A.M. unveiled.

It was a busy weekend.  I just arrived at the secret underground base for the quarterly S.K.A.M. meeting (Society for Keeping Americans Medicated), and made it through security clearance, when I caught wind of our latest problem.  Overhearing bits of quiet conversation as I moved towards the Inner Sanctum, I appraised that Kevin Trudeau’s new book had made the NYT top seller list, and he had been getting some TV time as well.  Definitely a threat to our organization.

You may not know this, but we in the health profession have had total cures for things like diabetes and hypertension for decades now.  Only by turning them into "Chronic Diseases" have we been able to develop returning "customers", and with them, the financial power base that will lead us to world domination.  After decades, our work was finally bearing fruit.  And yet…

Heh.  Galen has a talent for satirical fiction.