Well, I didn’t post a thing yesterday, and it’s because I’ve been distracted.  (Inner voice: the blog is a distraction, all that other stuff is life).  (Other inner voice: quiet, you).

I’ve been tinkering with restarting my MovableType hosted blog, and it’s ready to go.  It’s so ready you shouldn’t notice the change, as it’s very nearly identical to what you’re seeing today.  If I can get a plugin to work it’ll have some nice editing features for both me and commenters, but it’s in the ‘debug’ phase.  Yes, I was glad to go to TypePad, but miss the frustration of fiddling behind the scenes.  The reason I haven’t moved over yet is that I get non-stop 500 errors with rebuilding, and I don’t trust the blog to be hosted on MT until I can do the rebuild without serial crashes.  So, there’s some of my time.

And, I just got a mini-mac.  It’s pretty slick, and it is different.  I’m not ready for the Kool-Aid, but it’s a neat computer.  But, Safari won’t import OPML?  What the heck?  And, apple-heads, what are you using as an RSS reader?

Anyway, that’s why there’s not much going on here.  Again.


  1. I use NewsFire as an RSS feeder. I know not a THING about
    importing OPML, so I have no comment about that :-)

  2. I use Feed on Feeds hosted server-side on the same account as my blog. It sits on my domain behind a password protected directory. It also makes it simple to go from work on PCs to my Mac at home (and at a library, or wherever I can grab a computer with a web browser.)

  3. NetNewsWire is the gold standard of Mac RSS readers.

  4. I use sage, the plugin for Firefox. Browser and feed aggregator in one…