Dr. Charles announces his book

DrcharlesbookAnd now, presenting Legends of the Examining Room, a collection of the best writing this little weblog has had to offer over the past year.

Read about
the hidden poetry, the hilarity, and the heroic resilience of ordinary
people as they filter through this otherwise unremarkable examining

I’m writing under the pseudonym Aidan Charles. Both names
have a special significance for me, and were chosen mostly on
sentimental grounds. Now you can call me whatever you like, but I
feared that if I didntt get myself a first name that I was on the fast
track to a Dr. Phil-style reputation.


I will be donating a percentage of any sales to charities such as Doctors Without Borders. For now, Imm going to give 25% to The Red Cross for their efforts in Hurricane Katrina relief (this is assuming that proceeds total more than a 37 cent stamp).

He’s selling these through an independent publisher, here:

Legends of the Examining Room

Now, who’s doing the book review?