Medical Insight from the Astrodome

via Code: the Web Socket.  Alwin has 5 days of communications from the medical director at the Astrodome, and it’s worth reading.  I have no idea why they’re out of order.  Maybe that’s how he got them.

I predict he’ll write a book when this is over, and it will be required reading by everyone in my specialty of Emergency Medicine.


  1. Nothing broken; he sent them as a series of emails to one of the critical care lists to which we belong. I thought they were newsworthy, of wide general interest, and timely, so I asked for permission to republish them.

    Sidenote: The Crackberry is a good portable email tool, and given the ability of most blog tools to “blog from email” I’m surprised it isn’t more widely used as an “on the scene” blogging tool.