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Haversian Canal is your next Grand Rounds host

The Haversian Canal: Grand Rounds Here on 4 October!

Grand Rounds will be here next week, 4 October. Please e-mail your posts. In addition to this week’s best, worthy older posts that didn’t made it in before are also very welcome.

Get ’em in early. He has a nice recitation of what he’s looking for in a submission.

Multiple Sclerosis 150

The 2005 H-E-B MS 150 started today, about a zillion cyclists riding to raise money to fund research for a cure. Two of my ED colleagues are riding this year, and I wish them the best of luck.


Last month one of our rotating medical students told me he had a blog, toward the end of his rotation, so I asked him to send me a link. Here he is, Jason Delaughter, MSIV.

Added to the blogroll under medical.