Archives for October 3, 2005

New QFever Issue!

The funniest medical site, hands down, has returned: Q Fever!

I was going to link to some of my favorites, but they’re all very very well done. I thought qFever was dead and took them out of my blogroll, but they’re back now!

Duct Tape Band-Aids

Okay, this is something I think they’re going to have trouble keeping in stock: band-aids made to look like duct-tape. Via OhGizmo, we learn

The plasters are designed to look like duct tape, presumably so that the wearer doesn’t feel embarrassed about wearing them. They also come in longer lengths for larger fingers, while the packaging is designed to fit easily in a toolbox.

And, they look cool too

BandAids for Real Men

Yeah, I’ll need some. They’re not in stores yet, but I’d check Lowes or Home Depot first.

How I feel about my blog and comments in general

Donald Sensing (a sensible person, all around) has said what I would like to say, in a very cogent fashion. Not that I get that many comments, but here’s the part I feel most strongly about:

…After I closed comments for the rest of this month to save bandwidth, a reader sent me an email accusing me of “cowardice” for removing commenting and “being afraid of debate.” I really wonder why he thinks I write a blog to debate him or anyone else. I don’t write this blog to enter into debates, but to have my say about topics of interest to me. Why this person thinks I am obligated in any way to pay for hosting his commentary is quite beyond me.

The commenting feature is a courtesy, nothing more. It’s not an entitlement. If he wants to have his say, he can start his own blog.

Exactly. This is my tiny soapbox, and if you don’t like what I have to say, get a blog and say it, but don’t expect me to humor you on a blog I pay for. Power of the digital press, and all.