Concerto of Chaos

Our ED is being remodeled, but the patient volume stays the same. Sometimes it’s, well, hectic.

One of the scribes diagnosed the situation as “A Concerto of Chaos”.

I like that description of an ED very much.


  1. Aha! It’s GruntCam. Maybe you’re right, the Camera That Dare Not Speak Its Name was a little better. But remember, this is a digital so old you put a FLOPPY DISK in it. Great sound effects with each shot: “Click — kachunk… griiiiind whirrrrr griiiiiind…”

    I would usually expect to see a chart rack like that half empty, because no-one puts the damn things back when they’re finished with them. Clearly, there must be a Counterpoint of Clarity underscoring your Concerto of Chaos.

  2. These charts belong to patients in one area of the ED just waiting to be seen. Ouch.

  3. Well, I intentinally ‘fuzzed’ the picture, for artsy purposes. Though it’s never terrifically sharp to start with.