November is National Alzheimers’ Month

I’d forgotten, but was reminded by Dr. Serani: November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Month.

For more information: Alzheimer’s Association | Home


  1. You had forgotten about National Alzheimer’s Disease Month?

  2. I used to worry about Alzheimer’s but I can’t remember why.


  3. I think we can deduce from this that Texas actually is the same place as California.

  4. Greg P, Your comment reminded me of something that happened with my mother after she was diagnosed with alzheimer’s. She has been gone now for several years. When you lose a parent to alzheimer’s disease, you, at times, have to find some humor in some of the things they say and do, otherwise you will go nuts.

    We lived in ohio and I had taken my mom to Florida so that my sister could help me with her care. While trying to find a new Dr. we took her to see my sister’s family physician. He decided to do a few tests on her awareness while we were there. One of those tests was that he would name 4 states and she was to tell him which state she was in right now. The states he picked were arizona, ohio, florida and california. Her answer was “I’m not quite sure where I’am, but, I absolutely know I’m not in Florida, I hate that damn state!”