iBOT Mobility System: World’s Coolest Wheelchair

About The iBOT Mobility System

Expand your horizons with the iBOT Mobility System

Enjoy new opportunities with the revolutionary INDEPENDENCE iBOT 4000 Mobility System. The iBOT Mobility System has a combination of features that is unlike any wheelchair ever created.

Power across sand, gravel, grass and other uneven terrain, easily climb curbs up to 5″ and steps, rise to an ‘eye-level’ position and hold a conversation, even when you are on the move.

You can choose between 5 different operating functions:

* 4-Wheel – traveling uneven terrain
* Balance – raising yourself to eye-level
* Stair – getting you from here to there
* Standard – proceeding with confidence
* Remote – taking your iBOT with you

Created for people who want to be spontaneous and independent, the iBOT Mobility System lets you choose your own path.

This super-gadget was designed (originally) by Dean Kamen, who is using similar tech to run his Segway business. I read a couple of years ago that he’d turned it over to Johnson&Johnson for development as a medical device, wisely I think. I can’t imagine all the hurdles J&J had to surmount to bring this technology to market, through the FDA (and, no doubt, a ton of other giant bureaucracies).

Watching this machine run its paces a couple of years ago on MSNBC (cached page) was amazing, and it made me wish everyone in a wheelchair could have one. I truly hope it works for those who need it, and I’m looking forward to hearing from the first real people who have one.