Recent Thoughts on Medical Education

Neils at Haversial Canal has some good advice for those just being accepted for Med School: Recent Thoughts on Medical Education

I recently got an e-mail from a friend who was just accepted to medical school. Congratulations to him! In his e-mail he asked if I had any recommendations on what he could do before starting. Here’s my answer, refined:

Yeah! Start producing study aids now that will help review the week, or weekend before the test. Don’t, don’t, don’t take notes on a laptop. Use 8.5×11 or notecards. Preread means skim, and then, from the time you’re in lecture on, all ‘studying’ should be focused on creating a product you will use to review for the week before the tests, like a big stack of notecards, diagrams, that sort of thing. Handwrite and draw it all. The tactile and visual feedback is rich input to your brain.

There’s a lot more there, and to my memory it’s all good.