Unclear on the concept…

…of gambling and money flow.

While I was in conference this morning, my wife decided to play here in Las Vegas.  I asked her how it went.

"Oh, I’m up $20.  Unfortunately, you lost $20."

Aah, now I get it. 


  1. I like your wife!

  2. You didn’t see that coming? :)

  3. HeeHee….sounds like ya’ll are having fun out there. Well, at least your wife is. lol

  4. Grunt Doc don’t have 20.00 to buy a prescription card. Can’t you read? He lost his 20.00.

  5. :) I just had a friend asked me where my religeous stand was on gambling … I hesitated … I don’t have a strong one one way or another.

    I do have relatives with VERY strong anti gambling. I don’t gamble ..can’t afford to. Don’t believe people living in my situation should gamble.
    It’s a practicality thing, not a faith thing.

    I do tend to run on the lucky side however. I told her that with MY luck … I’d win …and then I’d have to explain to my very strict anti gambling relatives where the money came from!