Write down your domain expration date

Why would I say that?  That’s pretty random.

Yes, it’s random.  Until yesterday I didn’t think about it at all, then I went to check my email: ‘server not reachable’ or somesuch.  Reload the website page: !Airline Vacations through gruntdoc.com!?

Yes, my domain name expired.  A panicky email to the hosting company found that although they’d moved it to their custody they hadn’t entered it into their billing software as an expiring event, so no bill was sent, so when it expired it went "open".

Hosting company had it fixed within about 2 hours, and now it’s in the billing software correctly, so it shouldn’t happen again.  Aah, the fun of blogging.


  1. I have to tell you I was extremely paniced when I saw that your site was “gone” yesterday. I enjoy reading it every day and I thought you either forgot to pay the bill, or worse yet (gasp), decided to quit blogging! I was very happy when I saw you were “back” by the end of the day :-)

    Keep up the blogging :-)


  2. GruntDoc, I have all of my domains and hosts on auto-renew, or I would never keep up with the mess.

    Whatever you do … please don’t pull a “Medpundit” on us … 0.o

  3. Welcome back!