Archives for July 31, 2006

USAAEM web presence

USAAEM is the Uniformed Services Chapter of AAEM, and they have their own page / URL tied in with AAEM.

If you’re a military EM type, it’s for you.

Thanks from a family

Last night I cared for a patient from out of town. The patient had a migraine, which was fairly usual for the patient, but was an unwelcome addition to the families’ vacation.

Standard migraine therapy (not involving a narcotic) was applied, and as expected the patient was pain-free after about 30 minutes. Much incredulity over ‘How did you make her better so fast’?

The best part: effusive thanks from the 5 and 8 year olds: “You fixed or mom, so we can stay on vacation and not have to go home”.

Emergency Medicine: making the world safe for vacationers of all ages.