Cristiano da Matta update


Push, PleaseLOVELAND, Colo., Aug. 16, 2006, 4:15 pm EDT – Champ Car World Series driver Cristiano da Matta (#10 RuSPORT Ford-Cosworth / Lola / Bridgestone) has not yet fully regained consciousness, but his condition continues to improve as he recovers from a serious head injury at Theda Clark Medical Center in Neenah, Wisc. …

Champ Car Medical Director Dr. Chris Pinderski flew back to Wisconsin today to monitor the condition of da Matta. The following statement is an update from Pinderski on da Matta’s medical status.

“Cristiano still continues to show daily improvement while in the intensive care unit at Theda Clark Medical Center. His is becoming more alert each day and has been removed from the ventilator that was providing respiratory support since his accident. It is anticipated that he will be transferred from intensive care to a step-down unit in the next 24-48 hours where his recovery will continue.”

Further updates on da Matta’s condition will be issued by RuSPORT as they become available.

Since da Matta’s accident on August 3, RuSPORT and Champ Car have received many messages of support for da Matta. In response, RuSPORT also announced that, in lieu of sending flowers and gifts, anyone wishing to express their support for da Matta during his recovery is asked to please make a donation in his name to Hole in the Wall Camps, an official charity of the Champ Car World Series. Donation information can be found by visiting, or by calling 203-562-1203.

There’s a get-well card address in the article, also.


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