9-11 Fifth Anniversary

It’s the Fifth Anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on America and Americans.  Nearly 3,000 died, and the country was changed.  My condolences to those directly affected for the loss of lives on that fateful day.

My recommendation for this day: Chapter One of the 9-11 Commission ReportIt should be required reading in every High School History class in the US.  The rest is a bit of a snoozer, but the first chapter is an excellent recitation of what actually happened.

Yes we were, as a government and a society, caught flat footed on that day, and things have changed to work on that.  Not enough, but some moves in the right direction.

There’s much left to do.

Please spare a prayer for those lost, and those who risk their lives for us.


  1. As a native Texan who moved to New York to start my general surgey residency in 2001, I remember waiting expectantly in the emergency room of a city hospital in Queens. We had aggressively discharged patients from the floors and cancelled all elective operative cases in order to accommodate any overflow of trauma victims. No one came. Unfortunately, the lives to be saved were few. For several months afterwards, there were no significant traumas (stabbings and gunshots). I guess the 9/11 tragedy made people think twice before hurting each other.

  2. Excellent link.

    Not enough people point out the “we” and “OUR” government aspect of things. Yes, WE were ALL asleep until that day.

  3. hey you should alert your readers to this:


    a graphical adaptation – much easier reading!