Request: Support The Katrina 3

My support for this, as well: from Alwin,

Request: Support The Katrina 3: “

The two nurses accused of euthenasia could use your support. Along with Dr. Amy Pou, Cheri Landry and Lori Budo now need to defend themselves against those charges, brought by a government swimming in federal grant money.

Please think about them today, and, if you are so moved, send a little something their way to help these heroes. Kevin, MD has been following the story and posts about it here.


  1. There is no reason to intuitively support or attack these doctors. To judge based on news releases one way or the other is like trying to diagnose and treat a patient based on news releases of their condition.

    One can only hope that in the courtroom a fair and balanced account can be presented, and include some sense of the conditions these doctors were voluntarily working in.

  2. There is a reason to support this doctor and the nurses: they’re having to fight for their liberty on their own hook against the power of the State.

    And, if you’ve read the earlier posts on this subject, the prosecutions’ case is big on accusations and short on details. So, I intuitively support them.