Dr. Pou goes to the Grand Jury

per CNN:

story.orleans.composite.sh.jpgNEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) — A New Orleans grand jury will decide if a doctor and two nurses intentionally killed patients with injections before the hospital was evacuated in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Orleans Parish coroner Frank Minyard said Tuesday.

The Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office would not officially confirm the report, saying only that the matter is still being investigated.

“We won’t confirm it, but I’m not going to deny it either,” Assistant District Attorney George Bourgeois said.

Minyard offered no details and refused to comment on whether he had completed his review of the four patients who died at New Orleans’ Memorial Medical Center in September.

After looking at these booking photos, I’m not having any problems choosing sides.


I’m with these three.


  1. I don’t understand what you see in those pictures that makes you more supportive of them. I presume they are innocent, but I think booking photos make almost everyone look creepy and guilty.

  2. I don’t know why we go to the trouble of juries. Apparently physicians can judge criminal liability from booking photos and civil liability from newspaper articles. Oh yeah, you can also diagnose PVS from TV news clips.

    Can you also teleport?

  3. I don’t see a real reason to put up their mug shots, unless it’s to make them look guilty.
    With that in mind, the comment made me chuckle.

  4. Before this case has even gone to a Grand Jury, the State has put their mugshots out there. I think they’re trying to slant this case against these healers in the press.

    We’ll see.

    No, I can’t teleport, I’m just a doctor.

  5. Hmm. Gruntdoc, you have GOT to get a more enlightened group of commenters…present company excluded of course.

  6. mike halberg says:

    I am with them as well. I can’t comment on CJD’s enlightenment but he definitely has a point.

  7. There’s a great lack of decency in the media (and I think that’s a lot of what GruntDoc was pointing out).

    This is a media that knew how awful conditions were after the hurricane, they were displaying it around the clock ad nauseum.
    So know we just have to get inside this investigation, perhaps distort it, disrupt it, because regardless of the outcome, there will in the end be someone and maybe a lot of someones to blame. But blame the media for trying someone on the news?

  8. Now, now, people, I’m sure he was being sarcastic. And remember: not everybody can pull off Tom De Lay’s smiling mug shot…..

  9. The humor is lost on some. They probably need a vacation.

    I should have written “GruntDoc’s” instead of “The” on my comment to make it more clear. Appologies if I caused any agony. I’m sure you fretted day and night about it.

    Noting the lack of color in their pictures, I say they should go straight to the slammer. Everyone knows color photos equals innocent. The black and white is useful in hiding small details. They’re hiding something. I know it.

    And I can teleport.

  10. “Before this case has even gone to a Grand Jury, the State has put their mugshots out there.”

    They are public record, I believe, as is just about any police report unless it contains secret info.

  11. Doc Wannabe says:

    I have to agree with gruntdoc in that the media really do some slimy things to tweak stories.

    As for whether these folks are innocent or not, I wasn’t there so I just hope if they’re innocent they are acquitted and if they’re guilty they do their time.

    Frankly, as a non-medical person, I lend credence to those of you who know the lifestyle/job and look forward to hearing more from you all as this unfolds.

  12. What were these fully trained medical professionals going to do? Wake up these comatose patients with their magical stethoscopes and walk them out of the hospital? Faced with the reality of Katrina, they made the best decision they could. Is there not a shortage of doctors and nurses? Why is it that these people are facing trial when literally thousands of people died after the storm in random fights and shootings? People were killing each other in the streets! People take doctors for granted and it must stop.

  13. It is a tough scenerio that occured under very tough and unique circumstances. There are no winners in this battle. I just hope the jury would think like I do.