Deck Repairs, Wood Rot, etc.

I am replacing some wood deck railing with sturdier (and less warped than wood) steel railing.  The installers called this afternoon, and want to put them in in the morning.  So, time to take down the old wood rails on the deck.

(Your reaction to the above sentences, BTW, discerns your home ownership status: if you’re still reading intently, you’re a homeowner, and if you’re not you aren’t.  I learned this earlier this year in personal conversations when installing siding).

So, of course it’s the last section of the old railing that shows the damage: rot in a supporting structure, right at a corner.  A corner where the new rails have to bolt in securely.  Frantic call to the installers, at the stroke of 5, and they’re okay with holding off a day or so.

Good news?  I found it in time to fix it properly.  Bad news?  Now I get to replace a 12 foot section of structure that is hanging out in an awkward position tomorrow.  Fun.


It’ll be worth it, the new railings are going to be stylish and very very safe.


Update: The rot removal and the board replacement went well.  I now sport only one band-aid and another skinned knuckle; also, I got to use most of the power tools I’ve accumulated, and it was fun!  Tomorrow, the rails.


  1. Jared Solomon says:

    Hmm, Gruntdoc with power tools. This sounds like the teaser for many humorous posts. Good luck!

  2. Did you pull the rent vs buying said power tools conversation with your wife?

    GD: “I’m just going to buy it.”
    GD wife: “You can go over there and rent it for half the cost.”
    GD: “But I might have to use it again and it’ll be less expensive to just buy it.”
    GD wife: “Use it again?” *mutters something about pigs and flying*
    GD: “I could use it to make shelves for the cubbard. You know the ones you’ve been wanting for years?”
    GD wife: *thinking*

  3. No, I just buy it, and tell her how much we’ll save when I can do my own projects.

    She doesn’t believe it any more, but she’s a good sport regardless.

    Oh, and the steel rails look terrific.