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Change of Shift 1:15



Frying pan to fire

Today the charge nurse approached me with an unusual question: “Did you prescribe ‘marinol‘ to a patient”?

me: No.  I’ve never written a prescription for it in my life.

Charge Nurse: “What is it, anyway?”

me: It’s THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.  Why?

CN: “There’s a parole officer on the phone, who says that one of their parolees tested positive for marijuana, but they have a prescription for marinol from you to explain it.”

me: Nope.  Not from me.


The prescription was faxed to us.  Yes, it’s written on one of our current Rx pads, yes my name is circled.  No, it’s not my hand writing or my signature, and the DEA number is way off (and doesn’t follow a basic convention every pharmacist would look for, and which I won’t give away here).

CN: “The parole officer wants something written out that this prescription wasn’t written by you.  They wanted it typed on letterhead, but I said we were a little busy for that.” 

me: (Again noting how our charge nurses are smart and save me a lot of work): Okay.  Handwritten note disclaiming the forged prescription goes off to the Parole Officer.


Now this parolee has two problems, at least: testing positive, and having a forged prescription for a Schedule III drug.